About Us


Hello, I'm Marsha, Founder/CEO of Cater to Mom. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing for my baby to arrive but it never occurred to me to prepare for postpartum care. When I had my first baby, I remember leaving the hospital with a bag full of baby products and helpful resources on how to take care of my little one. We got home, got the baby settled and within a few hours my body began to ache. I was swollen everywhere and leaking all over the place. I went to look in the hospital bag to see what I should do to take care of myself. To my surprise and chagrin, the only thing I could find was a squirt bottle, adult diapers, and some fishnet underwear! There were absolutely no instructions on how to care for myself, and I had absolutely no clue what to do. Two months into my postpartum journey I began to experience feelings of hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, and simply not feeling worthy of being a mom. I was afraid to talk to anyone for fear of being judged by the thoughts that I was having. It was truly through prayer and taking daily walks alone that over time I started to feel better and confident in being a mom. I did not realize until years later that I had suffered through postpartum depression.  

I strongly believe that every mother needs regular, on-going information; mental, emotional, and spiritual support; proper rest and nourishment, and, most of all, compassionate companionship and encouragement. This is why I started Cater to Mom. I wanted moms to know their not alone in their postpartum journey.

Postpartum has no timeline and I am thankful for the opportunity to cater to the needs of moms postpartum and beyond.