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Got Milk?

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to provide your baby with the best nutrients. It is a special bonding time for mother and baby. I find it unique that our bodies, instantly began to provide for baby, but in providing your baby’s meals, it can sometimes be as much work as cooking a three - course meal. After you have pushed and labored the first thing the nurse says to you is, “Let’s see if we can get the baby to latch”. For me, I figured it would be like what I had seen on television. I would cradle my baby in my arms, she would take my nipple with ease, and the milk would start following. 

Absolute lies!! My little one was so impatient, between her little mouth anxiously awaiting, me trying to position myself, and trying to get to my nipple in her mouth the latching process was not so smooth. Time after time with a different hold or position, the process never seemed to get easier. Often times, when she was done feeding trying to get her to unlatch was sometimes harder than prying a can open. My daughter would not let go at times pulling my nipple. I lathered my nipples in cream to provide some relief, but the whole process was still very painful. I honestly felt defeated and I eventually gave up and went to formula feeding. At the end of the day, I honestly felt I was not properly educated on the whole breastfeeding process. 

Moms, please take the time to meet with a nurse or Lactation Consultant. Take classes, read books, and as always ask for help. It’s okay for the process of breastfeeding not to feel or come to you naturally. You and your baby have to get in a rhythm. Different techniques might need to be tried before you and your baby are comfortable. Also, don’t forget about pumping. This is an awesome way for your baby still receive the nutrients from your milk without latching and unlatching process. The pumps that are out today make pumping discreet and simple. Of course, another benefit is that dad and anyone else can help with feedings. So yes breastfeeding is great but it can come with blood, sweat, and tears literally, educate yourself to determine what is not only best for baby but what is best for you. 

Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash

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