New Beginning's Fertility Bracelet - Cater To Mom
New Beginning's Fertility Bracelet - Cater To Mom
New Beginning's Fertility Bracelet - Cater To Mom

New Beginning's Fertility Bracelet

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The New Beginning's Fertility bracelet makes a special gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself.  The stones used are all great for giving hope while trying to conceive. 

Moonstone is known as “The stone of new beginnings” and is considered to be the ultimate fertility gemstone. Genuine Moonstone has a beautiful luminous appearance. It’s said, when worn at night, it aligns our natural cycle with the lunar cycle, increasing fertility and balancing hormones. A calming and soothing stone, it helps release repressed negativity.

Rose Quartz is known as “The stone of unconditional love” radiates loving protective energies, bringing feelings of optimism, joy, and happiness to the wearer. Its high energy stimulates love in all relationships and enhances our own potential for kindness, understanding, and compassion. Connected to the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz will balance and heal emotions, allowing you to let go of negativity in the form of worry, fear, and resentment and move forward with an open heart and a sense of self-love and fulfillment.

Lepidolite is known as “The stone of emotional healing” it can help through difficult times in your life especially in times of change or mourning (which really is a profound change). It relieves emotional suffering and depression. The Lepidolite properties are calming and soothing, which makes it the perfect stone to incorporate in your nighttime ritual.  Its energy is reminiscent of a lullaby. Like a nurturing hug, it brings you to a state of peace and calm so you can drift off into a sound sleep.

The Tree of Life charm symbolizes rebirth and getting through the hard times. It represents a fresh start, a new leaf turned over. A tree is symbolic of fertility in that it finds a way to perpetuate, whether by seed or sapling. It is green and lush, all signals of fertility and vitality.

Each bracelet is made to order with love, good intentions, cleansed, and charged prior to sending.

Your bracelet will arrive beautifully packaged in a pink burlap gift bag with a detailed explanation of the attributes of each gemstone.

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** When choosing your bracelet size, please add 1/4 inch for a snug fit or 1/2 inch to your actual wrist size for a loose fit. **